Trinidad Carnival Accommodations

So you decided to go to Trinidad Carnival and want to know where is the best place to stay, when is the best time to go and what to expect from your Trinidad Carnival experience. Before you get all excite and ready to party, we have listed some important things to consider when search online for Trinidad Carnival accommodations.

Keep these items in mind will help you select the best accommodation that suits your budget and lifestyle. Let us drive into what type of accommodation the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago has in store for you.

Different types of accommodations

  • Hotels
  • Guesthouses
  • Suites
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Family House – the best and free maybe
  • Friends House Share – the cheapest and second best

Where to say

Where you will be staying will be determined by a few factors mainly time, budget and availability. It is recommended that you book in advance as most accommodations get fully book right after Carnival has finished for the next year but don’t lose hope. You may still be able to find something. Hence the timing factor involves in booking and mixes with the availability of the accommodation.

How much cash are you willing to spend on your accommodation? It is estimated you will probably be spending between 1 to 2 thousand dollars base on a two-weeks stay on accommodation alone. Given that the average price per night between (125 USD to 400USD) and keeps increasing and will increase the closer you get to Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday.

Getting the best rate

Booking in advance you can secure a good price as well as using price comparison site like or or can uncover great deals. Especially on some site, you don’t have to pay a deposit or put any money down to secure your hotel or accommodation.

Booking in Advance

As mentioned above booking your accommodations early as possible will help secure you a great price and give you a sense of security knowing you have a place to stay during your carnival adventures. You can secure some good deals last minute and I recommend you keep searching online as prices do tend to change and if you see a better deal on any comparison website you can book it without paying a deposit.


Your budget will greatly determine the type of accommodation you select. Decide early on how much you are willing to spend because you really don’t want to be spending more than your current rent on a one to two week holiday just on accommodation.  Believe me, it can cost more than rent for some hotels and depend on how long you intend to stay.


Most of the accommodations you will be able to select from will be in the Port of Spain area where a majority of the fetes and festival celebrations will be held/taking place. So booking near well know places of interest will help but there is no harm finding a place a little further out if its suits your budget and has what you are looking for.

Near by amenities

Another key factor that will determine your accommodation selection is near by amenities meaning restaurants, groceries, shops, malls, and places of interest within walking destine.

Must Have Amenities

Picking an accommodation that has the following amenities are not essential but recommend if you want to have a great time while you are not partying or not exploring the city streets.

  • Wifi – how else will you make other people jealous on social media
  • Pool – a place to cool off and get a tan
  • A/C – Trinidad heat is no joke during carnival season
  • Restaurants – when you want to grab a little bite before feteing

Bonus – Spas

If you feel like you need to pamper yourself and yes this includes men as well. You can book yourself spa sessions in some of the tops hotels and local business to enjoy a full body massage or whatever you think you need after all that whineing and jumping up.


As you can see there is a lot to consider when considering an accommodation for the Carnival season. As mentioned above make sure you book early and keep checking prices. You can also ask your trini friends if they have room for you and you can pay them a small daily fee for a room. Don’t be cheap when paying your friends they will be saving you hundreds if not thousands on accommodation fee. So make sure to give them a little change as we say in the Caribbean and buy them a few drinks otherwise you won’t be welcomed back lol.

So what did you think about this post, do you feel we left other any thing worth sharing? If so share your carnival accommodation tips and tricks to securing your Trinidad Carnival Accommodation in the comment section.